LA Times: Think Black Friday is best day to get a deal? Think again

Take a look at this Los Angeles Times article.  I’ll quote a little here and you can read the rest:

The weekend is crowded with misleading promotions, including deceptive discounts off misstated “original” prices and deals that could have been had a year earlier, according to NerdWallet. More than 90% of Black Friday ads this year feature items being sold at exactly the same price as they were last Black Friday, the financial advice website said.

And some door-buster prices are available throughout the year, including a $79.99 Tommy Hilfiger jacket at Macy’s that NerdWallet said was also offered during the retailer’s Veterans Day sale. At Target, researchers discovered a KitchenAid mixer selling for less than its advertised Black Friday sale price.

“Consumers make poor decisions when they’re under duress, and this is most obvious on Black Friday,” Ong said.

I added the emphasis on the KitchenAid mixer.  If I read this correctly, retailers are actually raising prices on Black Friday after suckering you into their store with “door buster” deals that a small percentage of shoppers can obtain.

Facebook changes privacy settings for teens

Why would Facebook loosen its teen privacy policy in the wake of yet another teen suicide connected to online bullying?  I suspect the answer is simple: to make more money.  Privacy and safety of teens be damned.  Profits come first in capitalism.

I wonder if in some sick way Facebook sees cyberbullying as a means to expand its brand and profit.  Maybe it will take more suicides and postings of drunk passed out girls for Facebook (and parents) to realize something must be done.

I don’t use Facebook simply because I don’t need to.  Hopefully parents with teens will share that belief.  If not, I hope they at least closely monitor their children’s internet activities.  You won’t be invading their privacy.  You will be doing your part to keep your child away from an increasing danger.

Macy’s to break with tradition, open Thanksgiving at 8 p.m.: employees – Chicago Sun-Times

Where is our country going?  Traditions be damned?  After 155 years Macy’s has decided to open on Thanksgiving day.  I wonder if consumerism has gone too far.  I wonder if any of the executives who receive bonuses will work from 8pm to 5am then again from 8am to 1pm.  I wonder if the people shopping during those hours can truly afford what they are purchasing.  I also wonder if the reason for the season is completely forgotten.

To sum it up in one sentence:  i wonder if people who have forgotten the reason for the season are out spending money they don’t have at all hours, while laborers also are away from their families, so that executives who are in their expensive homes with their families can get another big bonus…

BBC News – South African chef ‘too fat’ to live in New Zealand

Here is one approach to making socialized health care work: kick the unhealthy people out of your country.  Personally, I would think a rehabilitative plan with wellness goals is a better alternative.  But then again, I have never run the health care system of an entire country.

Mexico more obese than the US?

This was a surprise to me at first.  After reading further in the article you will note the involvement of agribusiness and lobbyists.  No longer a surprise.  Sacrifice the health of the 99% so the 1% can increase their wealth.

Food is another major front on the battle of the 99% vs the 1%.  It may be the most important front.  With a poor diet comes poor health.  With poor health comes medical expenses. So, in the end, those who buy junk food transfer wealth to big companies.  Then those who get sick transfer wealth to big pharma and doctor co-conspirators (yes, I said it!).

Try to eat healthy my friends.  Try to buy from local farmers.  In so doing you may live a healthier life and do your part in reducing the wealth gap.  Circulate money within your community and minimize doctor office visits.  Win-win.