Investments 3e

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What are you teaching your students these days?

Imagine your finance professor having a beer at a bar in late 2008 as the economic crisis unfolded. A conversation between your professor and another patron arises. The other patron asks your professor “Oh, you are a professor, what do you teach?” I respond with “Investments” and other courses. Given the financial systems were apparently falling apart at that time, the next question was very apropos: “Investments? What are you teaching students these days?” At the time I responded with a simple “some combination of forgotten fundamentals and flawed fundamentals.” This book presents the forgotten fundamentals and offers potential corrections to the flawed fundamentals.


This book represents the “middle way” between vague presentation slides and dense textbooks. This book is formatted to allow room for note-taking directly in-line with the material via wide margins. You will find questions to check your understanding of the material throughout the book. These questions also foster classroom interaction. Answers are available at the end of the book.


Christmas is early this year.  I’ve set the price to the absolute minimum allowable by my on-demand publisher, CreateSpace:

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