Class resources

Not to revere one’s teacher,  Not to cherish one’s charge, Is to be on the wrong road, however intelligent one may be.” -Tao Teh Ching 27

For the person who shows respect and always reveres worthy people four things increase: Life span, beauty, happiness, and strength.” -Dhammapada v.109

“All the effort must be made by you; Buddhas (teachers) only show the way.” -Dhammapada v.276

“The serious student is what every teacher seeks” -Chapter 1 introduction to the Dhammapada (Easwaran translation)

NEW!!!: LIB2029 Bloomberg Lab Calendar

Frequently used…

Online HP12C – free online HP12C emulator

My OneDrive – A wealth of resources

Textbook information

Sacramento State specific information

Dr. Moore’s YouTube videos

Khan Academy Algebra Videos

 Global Mindset Profile

EMBA224 Intro

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