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Not to revere one’s teacher,  Not to cherish one’s charge, Is to be on the wrong road, however intelligent one may be.” -Tao Teh Ching 27

For the person who shows respect and always reveres worthy people four things increase: Life span, beauty, happiness, and strength.” -Dhammapada v.109

“All the effort must be made by you; Buddhas (teachers) only show the way.” -Dhammapada v.276

“The serious student is what every teacher seeks” -Chapter 1 introduction to the Dhammapada (Easwaran translation)

NEW!!!: LIB2029 Bloomberg Lab Calendar

Bloomberg Terminal information

  1. You have two choices to access the Bloomberg terminals:
    1. Go to front desk of the library and ask for the key to the Bloomberg lab (LIB2029).  You must leave your student ID at the library front desk in order to obtain the key.
    2. Remote access currently set to expire April 30, 2022: HTML (video) and PDF.
  2. Bloomberg Market Concepts training: Just enter

    on the terminal after you have completed step #1 in this list.

  3. Bloomberg for All presentation: HTML (video) and PDF.

Textbook information

Sacramento State specific information

Dr. Moore’s YouTube videos

Khan Academy Algebra Videos

 Global Mindset Profile

EMBA224 Intro

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