Senior Citizens Are Replacing Teenagers as Fast-Food Workers

As I read this article, I thought of my son. My son, now a college freshman, has never had a job. This is one thing I wish I had pushed harder for over the years. But, being across the country, there’s only so much letters, phone calls, and infrequent visits can do.

So now we have a generation or two not accustomed to working. Corporations, in order to build shareholder wealth, now recruit from retirement homes, churches, and AARP. Who would have thought it?

Well, hopefully my son reads this post. Son: you better get good grades because school is your only job now. If you perform poorly, do not expect me to further subsidize the endeavor. At that point you will have to do the unthinkable: get a job to pay for your own food and shelter.

-Dr. Moore

Senior Citizens Are Replacing Teenagers as Fast-Food Workers


What Global Slowdown? Japan Inc. Is Roaring Ahead

U.S. corporate tax breaks lead to bonuses and stock buybacks. Japanese corporate tax breaks are tied to reinvestment in R&D, training employees, and purchasing equipment. Maybe the policy makers in our government can reconsider blanket tax cuts in the face of this “new” evidence (read: common sense).

What Global Slowdown? Japan Inc. Is Roaring Ahead

Unraveling a Tesla Mystery: Lots (and Lots) of Parked Cars – The New York Times

Apologies if this is a repeat.

Interesting article. Here is one quote that caught my eye:

“Over the summer, Tesla advertised online for technicians to repair vehicles coming off the assembly line, suggesting that a significant number needed rework.”

Pause. Repair vehicles coming off the assembly line? Why not fix the assembly line or product design that produces defective vehicles?

I wonder if Musk will complain about all of the public exposure of activities such as this. If so, how could he defend going public and having repeated rounds of seasoned offerings? How could one reconcile accepting public money (IPO, SEOs) but not accepting scrutiny from the public that provided the money?

The article notes that the next quarterly report will be scrutinized by the SEC. This could get more interesting…

-Dr. Moore

New York Times article:

Trader Who Ripped Off His Mom, Friends Gets 8 Years

To me this Is more a story about a mother’s love than a Ponzi scheme.

While his former friends and family wanted the maximum penalty his mom asked the judge for leniency towards her son – a son that ripped $50,000 off of her. God bless his mother.

-Dr. Moore

Trader Who Ripped Off His Mom, Friends Gets 8 Years

IQ-SIF: Inclusive & Quantitative Student Investment Fund Launched!

Greetings everyone,

The new Inclusive & Quantitative Student Investment Fund (IQ-SIF) is now live. Please visit the fund’s website,, read what we are about, and submit your email to “follow” if so inclined. I would really appreciate your support.

The inaugural IQ-SIF meeting will occur this Monday, September 24, 2018, at 3:00 PM in LIB 2029. That meeting will give an overview of the fund’s goals, the path to attaining that goal, organization, and will have two guest speakers from the financial industry. The meeting announcement is included in this post.

Much thanks to all that have supported, are supporting, and will support this effort.


-Dr. Moore

Nike Orders Rose in Four-Day Period After Kaepernick Ad Debut

While discussing the goal of a company, maximize shareholders wealth, in FIN101 this week a student asked a thinly-veiled political question: “what are your thoughts on the Nike-Kaepernick deal.” I connected Nike’s decision to the goal just discussed: maximizing shareholder wealth. True, Nike is down a little bit, but time will tell if Nike’s calculations were correct.

Another point to consider, but not mentioned in the Bloomberg article, is the fact that Nike is a global company. As such, the opinions of a few Trump supporters or right wing folks in the United States may be meaningless compared to additional revenue generated outside the United States. In short, on a global scale, there may be just a few loud and irrelevant people burning Nike products (instead of giving them to homeless veterans or something) and billions of quiet people buying more Nike products in support.

-Dr. Moore

Nike Orders Rose in Four-Day Period After Kaepernick Ad Debut