Student Investment Fund in a Book

  • Hardcover full color version available for purchase on LuLu Product ID 23742521.
  • Paperback full color version available for purchase on ISBN-10 1724635549.
  • Content is identical in both books.
Hardcover Paperback
SIF6e LuLu Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.12.28 AM Product ID 23742521 ISBN-10 1724635549

Book description:

“Student Investment Fund in a Book” (SIF 6e) is precisely what the title suggests: A complete end-to-end guide for running a student investment fund at a college or university.

Beginning with a simplified investment policy, SIF 6e covers the entire process from selecting student members, analyzing stocks, preparing student presentations, and voting on those presentations for inclusion in the portfolio. SIF 6e covers detailed stock screening, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis techniques.

This is the sixth edition of what began as a random collection of notes. Over time, I organized those notes, refined the content, added more content, and assembled this book. I provide detailed examples, including Excel spreadsheet screenshots with formulas and R code to perform the all-important initial screening of stocks.

I wish you well on your pursuit of understanding and, hopefully, market-beating performance.

Supplemental files referenced in the book:


Christmas is early this year.  I’ve set the price to the absolute minimum allowable by my on-demand publisher, CreateSpace:

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