Study / Exam tips

1. For Time Value of Money, please be sure to grab the Web Chapter 28 file from the Time Value of Money directory. That is a pdf of an entire time value of money chapter from the big expensive textbook (Intermediate Financial Management (IFM)). It may help to see alternative explanations.

2. Time management during exams: a couple different approaches.

  • One, at the very beginning you could read each question quickly and put a “+” next to ones you think you can answer quickly and a “-” next to those you can’t. Then, go answer all the “+”. Then go answer all the “-“.
  • Another approach is to work through each problem sequentially but bail immediately on problems you aren’t sure of. Put a ? by those and get back to them at the end. Either approach would minimize the chance of running out of time before getting to questions you could have answered.

3. More practice: In addition to the homework and examples in my book, the books I have on reserve in the library have practice problems at the end of each chapter. Those end of chapter problems have answers in the back of the book.

4. More study aids: There are links on my website to the “companion site” for the IFM book. On that companion site you will find glossaries, e-flash cards, etc.

5. Study groups: One way to lear is to teach. I encourage you to work with each other explaining problems and solutions to each other.