Mexico more obese than the US?

This was a surprise to me at first.  After reading further in the article you will note the involvement of agribusiness and lobbyists.  No longer a surprise.  Sacrifice the health of the 99% so the 1% can increase their wealth.

Food is another major front on the battle of the 99% vs the 1%.  It may be the most important front.  With a poor diet comes poor health.  With poor health comes medical expenses. So, in the end, those who buy junk food transfer wealth to big companies.  Then those who get sick transfer wealth to big pharma and doctor co-conspirators (yes, I said it!).

Try to eat healthy my friends.  Try to buy from local farmers.  In so doing you may live a healthier life and do your part in reducing the wealth gap.  Circulate money within your community and minimize doctor office visits.  Win-win.

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