Macy’s to break with tradition, open Thanksgiving at 8 p.m.: employees – Chicago Sun-Times

Where is our country going?  Traditions be damned?  After 155 years Macy’s has decided to open on Thanksgiving day.  I wonder if consumerism has gone too far.  I wonder if any of the executives who receive bonuses will work from 8pm to 5am then again from 8am to 1pm.  I wonder if the people shopping during those hours can truly afford what they are purchasing.  I also wonder if the reason for the season is completely forgotten.

To sum it up in one sentence:  i wonder if people who have forgotten the reason for the season are out spending money they don’t have at all hours, while laborers also are away from their families, so that executives who are in their expensive homes with their families can get another big bonus…

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