Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into voter f…

False claims about the inauguration turnout, the weather at the ignairiation, his relationship with the CIA, illegal voters …. when will this end? Unfortunately, a quote from the Dhammapada comes to mind that may answer the question:

“176 For people who speak falsely, who transgress in this one way, and who reject the world beyond, there is no evil they won’t do.”

His own lawyers already found no evidence of voting fraud when “trumpeting” his victory. (Pardon the pun). Now, his ego won’t let him accept he lost the popular vote. Why waste taxpayer money, or anyone’s, on this already settled issue? Might as well reopen an investigation into Obama’s birthplace and Hillary’s emails… and his own taxes and wife’s work status while being paid as a model without proper documentation.

Or… focus on more pressing issues like the widening wealth gap, improving education, wider affordable healthcare access for all, etc.

Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into voter fraud – CNN

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