Lawsuit Claims SAT, ACT Are Illegal In California College Admissions : NPR

Just as important, in my opinion, is the article’s mention that “research has since shown that SAT scores are strongly linked to family income, and a student’s high school academic record, regardless of what school they attended, does a far better job of predicting college success.”

So, if there are better measures of predicting college success, why not just use those? I’m afraid, as usual, it comes down to money. But I won’t go into that here. It sounds like school systems like the University of California are already considering doing away with SAT/ACT in admissions. Perhaps it will take hold.

I told my son to pay attention, learn as much as possible, and get better grades in high school. I encourage all of you out there with children in high school (or earlier), particularly in California, to do the same. There’s a chance that either by law or by policy that your child’s high school GPA will be of critical importance in college admissions.

-Dr. Moore

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