Elon Musk’s Flawed Vision and the Dangers of Trusting Billionaires | Time

Many students know I never “drank the Tesla Kool-Aid.” However, occasionally students get tired of listening to me. So, perhaps hearing this Tesla perspective from Time Magazine may help. The Time Magazine piece, in my opinion, does a great job explaining the big picture surrounding electric vehicles (EVs). For example:

“A much more sustainable alternative to mass ownership of electric vehicles is to get people out of cars altogether—that entails making serious investments to create more reliable public transit networks, building out cycling infrastructure so people can safely ride a bike, and revitalizing the rail network after decades of underinvestment.”

I teach finance. I am not a psychologist. But I have wondered why “cults” seem to form more frequently. E.g., crypto so-called currency cults, meme-stock cults, Tesla/Elon cult, former president cult leading to the January 6 incident (e.g.: HTML), etc.. In all these cases, a person, thing, or idea is treated as a God. When clear evidence showing these are not Gods and are far from perfect (even detrimental to the individual in the cult and society as a whole) is presented, people double-down on their flawed beliefs. I don’t get it.

Nevertheless, may all read the Time article with an open mind and gain broader perspective on the electric vehicle space.

-Dr. Moore


One thought on “Elon Musk’s Flawed Vision and the Dangers of Trusting Billionaires | Time

  1. Reading(listening) to the book The Storm Is Upon Us: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything” by Mike Rothschild it seems that there are many factors that distort allow people to have their beliefs and ideas of what is real manipulated.

    I can recall each class in Spring 2020 with you stating “tesla is worth this but I dont believe it” and then showing some graphs or metrics to prove on Bloomberg.

    People do “worship” people like Musk, my question is always when I read about these people is do they believe what they say, or are they aware they are a liar.

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