Student Behavior Key To Reopening Colleges During Coronavirus Crisis : NPR

The California State University (CSU) system decided back in May to go online in the Fall. Given that the uncertainty that existed in May is still present today (hey, that rhymes), I believe it was the right call. For example, I don’t see how you can have all 30,000 students plus faculty and staff at Sacramento State compliant with mask wearing and social distancing. I can’t think of a plan that prevents virus spread (saves lives) that is robust to non-compliance without proven and readily available treatments.

Could you imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to implement an NBA season-restart “bubble” on every campus? In time, we will see the results of various attempts including the NBA bubble. Hopefully treatments (preventative and post-infection) come online soon.

Be patient my friends. Whatever arises, ceases.

-Dr. Moore

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