Harley-Davidson Profit Is Wiped Out by President Trump’s Tariffs

The administration’s tariffs on EU steel and aluminum led to reciprocating tariffs by the EU on Harley’s imports. Then Harley decides to expand production in Thailand to get around those tariffs. A move associated with the goal of a firm: maximize shareholder wealth. A move necessitated by ill-conceived policy.

From there, the same President that lifted up Harley in the beginning as a point of national pride, tells that same nation he would support a boycott of Harley. Harley sales decline 10% domestically. Even with the corporate tax break giveaway by the current administration, Harley still reports no profit. And our government budget deficits and national debt continue to rise due to lower tax revenue collections on lower output like Harley.

Did everyone follow that?

I prefer to use whole words rather than twitter-like disemvowelments, but I must use one here: SMH

Read, and ride, on.

-Dr. Moore

Harley-Davidson Profit Is Wiped Out by President Trump’s Tariffs

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