Globalization Is Surviving Trump

Our President has barred the U.S. delegation from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – over a government shutdown caused by his demands for a border wall with Mexico. Both acts indicate a lack of interest in global trade (even though the President and his family profit from global trade.) Nevertheless, here are a few quotes from the article:

“the rest of the world appears to have decided globalization isn’t the enemy after all, and that leaves the U.S. playing trade catch-up.”

“closing up is not the answer”

“Shortly, the vast majority of economic growth will be taking place outside the West”

One Trump-supporting cattle rancher stated “If we don’t have a bilateral deal with Japan in three years, we are going to have some problems.”

Wait a second, did that cattle rancher, that allegedly believes in globalization, understand the trans pacific partnership deal already in place from the Obama Administration (and exited by Trump), already provided access to Japan and other markets? Was he vocal about his support of the Obama Administration that forged an agreement (TPP) to help his cattle business? Perhaps not but I leave it to the readers to ponder why someone would not support an administration that has helped them while supporting another that harms them.

-Dr. Moore

Globalization Is Surviving Trump

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