Never Mind Tesla, BMW’s the Real Deal for a Buyout

Interesting opinion article that includes some basic facts: BMW is a profitable dividend-paying forward-looking and electric-car investing automobile company that makes millions of cars per year but with a lower market valuation than Tesla. And, BMW’s controlling family stays out of the public eye. They don’t publicly whine about stock market scrutiny. They just run their business, meet or exceed market expectations, and make money.

Contrast this to Tesla. A money-losing ($8B since 2014) company that has made just 100,000 cars total with a boisterous impulsive Twitter-loving CEO/major shareholder that complains about the very market that funded his money losing operation all these years. Why are market participants even entertaining what appears to be a nonsensical LBO? Perhaps Musk and Trump have more than Twitter usage in common – the ability to manipulate and distract with “alternate facts” and selling a “vision” for the future.

Is this the “new-normal” for the USA and what it means to be an “American?” Don’t actually perform. Then whine, distract, and manipulate when people call you on the poor performance?

I hope not. May you seek clarity with your own vision, not with what someone tells you to see.

-Dr. Moore

Never Mind Tesla, BMW’s the Real Deal for a Buyout

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