How Your Pay Stacks Up With the CEO’s

Here is a cool interactive infographic that shows the ratio of CEO pay to the median worker pay. I am not going to talk about which financial firms have the highest CEO/median work pay ratios other than saying you hear about them in the news time and time again. 🙂 Be sure to reveal the outliers by clicking the “Show outliers” button on the right hand side. A quote from the article:

“A long-running study by the AFL-CIO shows leaders of S&P 500 companies made about 347 times more than their average employees in 2016, up from 41-to-1 in 1983.”

Yep, the rich get richer. Will this continue indefinitely? Will our elected officials take real action towards shared prosperity (e.g., fund rather than cut education)? Or, will there be a Schumpeterian decomposition of capitalism? Or a Marxist revolution?

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