Report: 2004 Overseas Profits Tax Break Was A ‘Failed’ Policy : The Two-Way : NPR

I just read an article about a recent interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Mr. Cook said that a repatriation tax holiday would be good for America. The repatriation subject came up in the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester in a FIN101 class. At that time I suggested that a repatriation tax holiday would only benefit executives and shareholders. Little did I know that there was actual evidence to support my suspicion. Yes, evidence.

Please read the following short article from 2011. This should be part of the thought process before immediately assuming, as Tim Cook does, that repatriation of foreign profits is good for America as a whole. Perhaps this is yet another example of how trickle down economics does not work. Or, maybe Tim Cook was telling the truth: a repatriation holiday will be good for America, the few Americans that are significant shareholders.

-Dr. Moore

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