Business Insider: Americans could be killing the McMansion for good

But now there is a “Grand Mac” – a larger Big Mac. So, will we see Grand McMansions from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet for families of 2 to 3?

My recent conversations with persons in construction and recent home buyers also suggest that build quality is down, consistent with the Business Insider article. I was told part of the problem was due to the inability to find workers. This is an unintended (or intended?) consequence of lower unemployment combined with recent immigration polices pushing labor supply off-grid.

Who needs more rooms to hold more stuff anyway? Similarly, I noticed a rise in public storage facilities the past few years. So why do we need bigger homes and more storage facilities? Attachment to more and more material items?

Consider donating unused items to Salvation Army or Goodwill. Liberate yourself from attachment! Get a receipt so you can document the tax write off. Perhaps you can buy more stuff with the tax savings. 🙂

Americans could be killing the McMansion for good
Business Insider

New homes sit next to undeveloped lots in a subdivision in San Marcos, California February 29, 2012. The McMansion became a symbol of prosperity leading up to the recession. – Homebuyers today are emphasizing quality over quantity. – The typical McMansion is not considered the sound investment it once was. For many Americans, perhaps nothing better symbolizes pre-recession excess than the McMansion. If you live in a suburb of one of America’s major cities, you’re likely familiar with the idea of Read the full story

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