One thought on “Betsy DeVos’ Graduation Rate Mistake : NPR Ed : NPR

  1. Learning Online vs. In-class and the Practical Application

    I took ACCY 1A online at my old JC. When I got to 1B, all my classmates had taken 1A in class and were running circles around me. They could write out all the FS’s with their eyes closes and, more importantly, understood them. I was lost.

    Online classes give me false sense of confidence. I am not challenged on-the-spot and don’t get a lens into real world application like I do from my professors in class. For example, had I not been forewarned about “busy season” from my accounting professors, I don’t think I would have lasted this first month at my internship.

    In class, my professors share their personal experiences. That insight has been just as valuable at work as what I have learned through my studies. Most of my assumptions about a career in financial services have been demystified by their stories. I would never get that online.

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