Toyota will compensate black and Asian borrowers who paid more for loans – LA Times

A few observations:

1. I am a bit surprised that discriminatory lending practices are still happening even today.

2. Toyota, Hondas, and GM financing units were caught.

3. The ability for dealers to mark up loans is an example of how the agent (sales person trying to “help” you buy a car) is not acting on your behalf. You would prefer no markup. The agent would prefer maximum markup.

4. The government agency that caught Toyota et a result of the Dodd-Frank regulation. Sometimes regulation helps.

5. Consider financing your purchases through your credit union. I don’t believe credit unions add any “mark up” to loans. I believe their rates are based solely your credit profile, not your race or ethnicity.

6. Perhaps you can ask your dealer to disclose if there is any markup on the rates. If they refuse to document the amount of the markup in writing then walk away from the deal. Tell them Dr. Moore said its better for the consumer to have transparency in their transactions.

-Dr. Moore

2 thoughts on “Toyota will compensate black and Asian borrowers who paid more for loans – LA Times

  1. That’s good advice to let your credit union provide your loan. Those finance guys at the auto dealerships are pricks and liars; they’re always looking for a way to make more money. The best thing a person can do when buying a car is to walk out if they won’t give you the deal you’re looking for.

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