Apple’s brilliant assault on advertising — and Google

This is an interesting read about mobile ad-blocking capability in iOS 9. From a finance perspective, this could cut off Google’s main revenue stream (advertising) while adding to Apple’s revenue stream (publishers will have to charge, and when something is charged on the iPhone Apple gets a cut via the App Store plus more iPhone sales). This is a brilliant move if it holds up to lawsuits. However, Apple has $150 billion in cash, short term investments, and long-term investments as of September 2014. They can “lawyer-up” with anybody.

It is also interesting how the article breaks down the cost of an iPhone to the per-day rate of $0.35 more per day than a [hypothetical] half-price Android. The article asserts the extra cost is justified if you are using your device 4+ hours per day. Perhaps. This $0.35/day is in the context of “even though iPhone’s are expensive, poor people can and should buy them.” Well, I don’t know what is best for someone else. I don’t have cable and I know unemployed people that do (and iPhones). On the same note, Warren Buffett makes more money than me but drives a car older than mine. 🙂

I started to send this article as an attached PDF so you would not be hit with the de-facto advertising of the conference and other articles on the page. But with all the talk of lawsuits I decided to just send the link. I don’t have $150B in the bank.

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