Iowa Barber Gives Kids Free Haircuts In Exchange For Reading To Him » Bulletin Leader

Finally some good news! I was born and raised in an impoverished area myself (Chicago, IL / Gary, IN). I am very thankful for having a mother and father that remained on my case about reading, writing, arithmetic, and discipline. I even thanked my mother for coming to school and beating me in front of class (true story, but the thanks didn’t come until I was much older! My mom loved me just the same).

Not everyone I grew up with had that encouragement. In fact, many did not. Abusive parents, alcoholic parents, drug addict parents, and parents no where to be seen or heard were all too common in my neighborhood. Some of my peers made it out against incredible odds, others are in prison, others are dead.

So, here we have a barber in Iowa encouraging disadvantaged youth to read by offering a free haircut in exchange. To follow suit, perhaps this semester I’ll give a $10 rebate on my book for anyone that earns an A ($5 for B, $1 for a C, anything below that you need to retake the class and pay $$$ anyway). Maybe then students will read the book. 🙂

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