Why isn’t the tech boom helping the economy? | Nishant Bhajaria | LinkedIn

I found this an interesting read as a former high tech person still connected to that community. This article made me wonder about the “triple bottom line” of people, profit, and planet yet again.

For example, Apple has $200 billion in the bank (in overseas accounts to avoid taxation). If they manufactured phones in the U.S. would Apple have only $20 billion in a U.S. Bank? Wouldn’t that benefit the broader U.S. economy more than the current situation of concentrated wealth via Apple shares?

I know, Steve Jobs said those jobs will never come back to the U.S. However, he is not God and no one has a monopoly on the truth. Or maybe the status quo is just fine with Marx and Schumpeter mistaken about the inevitable self-inflicted demise of capitalism.


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