Guns still plague America like an incurable social disease – and Congress does nothing about it – NY Daily News

Sad. Why wasn’t this little girl holding a book or volleyball instead of an Uzi? Maybe 9 year olds don’t need to go to the shooting range. After all, we are not training terrorists… are we? If the answer is no, then why put guns into the hands of children as terrorists do? Isn’t that committing the same crime we accuse others of?

I am sorry, but as a parent I don’t think a 9 year old needs to handle assault weapons to be well rounded. A 9 year old needs to understand reading, writing, and arithmetic to be well rounded. Heck, throw in some old school home economics and shop class and there is a well rounded 9 year old. Handling a deadly weapon is totally unnecessary for a 9 year old in my opinion.

Devices made to kill people do just that: kill people. Maybe it is time to reexamine gun laws. Maybe it is time to disallow minors at gun ranges. Maybe ordinary (and sometimes crazy) citizens don’t need thousands of rounds of ammo and dozens of assault rifles.

Or maybe we do nothing and wait for the next school shooting to decide to do nothing again. Doing nothing allows those that fund the NRA (gun manufacturers) to make more money and concentrate more wealth into the hands of the few.

Sorry for my sarcastic tone. Let me get back to business and finance related posts.

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