Elon Musk’s SpaceX Is Taking on the Federal Government

On one hand some people complain that we should not cut our military spending. I say fine, but shouldn’t we be equally supportive of competitive bidding for government projects? Our budget is out of balance. We have inefficiencies. When are we going to address those inefficiencies?

The current approach is “don’t cut any of my programs, don’t give up no bid contracts for my constituents, and cut someone else’s program.” I hope that ceases to be the American way. However, it is against human nature. A colleague of mind told a story of how his young grandchildren (around 5 years old) handled their equal allotments of Cheerios. One grandchild attempted to eat the other’s Cheerios first before eating her own. My colleague’s conclusion: capitalism is here to stay. My conclusion: I hope the child was unsuccessful in eating her sibling’s Cheerios and was taught a better way forward.


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