GE’s $57 Billion Cash Overseas Said to Fuel Alstom Deal – Bloomberg

Make money overseas. Don’t bring it back to the US so you can avoid US taxes. Take that overseas pile of cash and invest in a company that is also overseas. So, at what point does a US company invest in the U.S.? So what if a percentage of those trillions of overseas dollars is paid towards taxes? At least there would be some investment here in the U.S. But then again, once you stack up trillions of dollars overseas I suppose you must stack up a few more trillion. It is nice to look at all of those dollars sitting in a back account (overseas) or being invested in France I suppose.

Just kidding. Maybe it is about time that businesses and our government sit down and discuss ways to repatriate those dollars in a way beneficial to the companies while also narrowing the widening wealth gap. Good luck with that.

People need training and jobs here. Billions and trillions of dollars are invested elsewhere. Hopefully this trend will reverse someday.

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