Bloomberg: Two Husbands Accused of Trading on Wives Overheard Talk

Already married to someone wealthy? Why not eavesdrop on their phone calls and trade on insider information? The rich must get richer I suppose. Or pay fines. I wonder if the couples are still married. I wonder what the husbands do for a living. Maybe the husbands did not work. That would allow time and energy for them to listen to their wives’ phone calls since they had nothing else to do. Maybe their wives did not give them a large enough allowance. Maybe they are just greedy. Or, all of the above. 🙂

From Bloomberg, Mar 31, 2014, 12:14:43 PM

Two California husbands who allegedly heard their executive wives discussing nonpublic information on the phone were sued for insider trading by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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