Republicans Should Trade The Debt Ceiling For A Better Budget Baseline – Forbes

So let me get this straight.  For the past 30 or 40 years Congress has defined the “baseline” budget as one with automatic 6-7% annual spending increases?  Please note this is not a Democrat nor a Republican construct.  The auto-increase approach has lasted through many permutations of Democratic and Republican leadership over the decades.

I like the author’s suggestion that we return to the old baseline definition: just use prior year spending without any automatic increases.  Isn’t that how you create your baseline budget?  Who would put in automatic spending increases unconnected to any revenue increases?

The Forbes author noted the current definition for baseline amounts to political doublespeak. For example, calling an increase of 4% a “cut” or “reduction” from the baseline budget. Regardless of your party affiliation, please seek truth and understanding rather than doublespeak-based talking points. 

The goal of dialogue should be understanding otherwise it is a waste of time.  In the case of our politicians it is also a waste of our tax dollars going towards their compensation.

Finally, how do you think military intervention in Syria would impact the budget deficit?  I for one am glad a diplomatic solution may prevail.

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