Revamped home page, financial crisis presentations

First, I would like to thank all of those who follow my blog.  I hope you find the material interesting and thought provoking.  To make material more accessible to students, businesses, and curious readers alike I have revamped the homepage.

After a discussion regarding the debt ceiling this weekend I asked myself: “didn’t I write something about this before?”  It turns out I did!  You will notice a “2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis” presentation under the “Seminars” column on the home page.  That presentation was created two years ago.  It turns out the debt ceiling is in the news again.

If you like the debt ceiling presentation also take a look at “The Cadence of Finance” and the “2008 Financial Crisis” presentations.  It appears that observations and concerns in those presentations keep coming up again and again.

Enjoy the reading!

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