Hypocrisy in Yahoo CEO’s show up to work or quit edict?

In my last post on the Yahoo CEO’s (Marissa Mayer) new “show up to work or quit” edict I voiced my support.  I do support re-humanizing human interactions.

However, after talking with a student here at CSUS, face to face by the way, I found out the Yahoo CEO  had a nursery built at the Yahoo facility for her newborn.  Yes, she used her money to do it.  But it is still in the company building.

So, if other Yahoo employees have money to build a nursery in the next cube, would they be allowed?  I doubt it.  Therein lies the hypocrisy.  Face to face time is important, the CEO is living it.  Family is important.  The CEO is bringing the family with her to work.

But what is Marissa Mayer doing to facilitate work-life balance of those less fortunate employees who can’t afford to build a nursery at work and are no longer allowed to work from home?

Let me quote one of the comments on the article:

Here’s the problem I have with her and her actions. She was elected to the CEO position in July of 2012, and immediately announced upon her acceptance that she was pregnant. She stated that the board knew in advance, and they very well may have. She then announced that she didn’t plan to really take a maternity leave, and spent the weeks she took off before and after the birth of her child working from home. So, in the span of less than a year, this high profile woman in a tech field has dismissed maternity leave as unnecessary – assuming that you consider working from home as actually working (which I suspect at least to some large degree it was). After then taking advantage of the option to work from home during her maternity non-leave, she has now decided that no one else should be allowed to do the same. She, of course, doesn’t need to as she has utilized company resources (office space and utilities) to create her own personal daycare at her office. Clearly, the only concern Ms. Mayer has is for herself.

I will conclude with stating I support face-to-face interaction and work/life balance.  I hope Yahoo’s new CEO figures out how to make that happen for everyone and not just herself.

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