Sample MBA220 Case #2

In looking over the reports of last semester I found none were perfect.  All could have been improved greatly.  Given that, here are some disclaimers before I attach a sample…


  • I can not tell you what grade this report received nor can I tell you my opinion of the report.
  • The comments or lack thereof are no indication of the level of scrutiny to be applied to this semester’s submissions.
  • This report is a sample and is in no way representative of a suggested, desired, excellent, or perfect submission.
  • This report is provided for informative purposes only.
  • This report is not a target you should shoot for.
  • You should strive to make your report much better than the sample provided here to achieve a reasonable grade.

Now, here is the report: Sample_case_2.

Bear in mind the law of unintended consequences: You asked for a sample.  Now I expect your submissions to be significantly better than the sample.

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