Why Does Wall Street Dislike President Obama So Much?

That is a good question considering the following quote:

Standard & Poor’s compared he historical performance of the stock market, corporate earnings and the economy under Democratic and Republican presidents and found all three did better when a Democrat occupied the White House. The S&P 500 gained an average 12.1% per year since 1901 versus 5.1% under Republican presidents; GDP increased an average 4.2% annually since 1949 compared to 2.6% under Republicans; and corporate profits since 1936 rose 10.5% a year under Democrats compared to 8.9% under Republicans

Under Obama, the stats on the economy aren’t as good but for stocks and earnings they’re even better. GDP has gained an average of just 1% a year but corporate profits have surged an average 51.8% a year and the S&P has rallied 12.3% since his inauguration.

Checkout this article to read more.

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