2 thoughts on “Google says Maps not waiting in wings for iPhone 5 | Reuters

    • Interesting read. So Apple and Google did (are doing) what is in their best interests. No surprise there. Apple protects their ecosystem from intruders. Google tries to penetrate further via their map application. Apple rejects. Good move on both sides.

      The question consumers will have to face is which ecosystem do they want to get locked into? I think the more ecosystems there are the better it is for consumers. With smartphones, it is shaping up to a three horse race: Apple, Android, and Microsoft. I hope all three sell well. That will be better for consumers. More competition, better products, better prices. I hear you Adam Smith! 🙂

      I do have one technical problem though. The ability to move between ecosystems is impaired. This impairment comes from proprietary technology such as AAC vs. MP3. A song purchased on iTunes can not be played on anything other than an Apple device. Someone correct me if I am wrong. An MP3 purchased through Google Play can downloaded in MP3 format and played on any device. Another example is syncing contacts and calendars. It is doable but at times difficult between ecosystems.

      In sum, I am all for multiple ecosystems. It is better for consumers. It is bad is when those ecosystems use proprietary means of storing content. I don’t like the “locked up” feeling. Currently, the Android system is the most open regarding content.

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