3 thoughts on “Apple supplier closes China plant after riot – Asia Stocks to Watch – MarketWatch ?

  1. “Other news accounts said the factory makes electronic components for cars, among other items.”

    Yet the sensationalist headline points am accusatory finger at Apple. The company only makes the backplate. I am skeptical about negative news regarding Apple due to the fact it is an easy target.

    • Truth be told, my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx was probably made under the same work conditions. I agree that it is probably unfair to single out Apple as the only customer of Foxconn. Apple is likely the largest but certainly not the only customer of Foxconn [citation needed].

      The bigger picture is how the slave labor-like conditions in China relate to the $100 billion in cash for apple, $17 trillion in cash for US companies in general, and the high unemployment here. What if Apple and other U.S. corporations had lower profit margins but employed more people here in the US? Would that mean “only” $50 billion in the bank for Apple and $8.5 trillion for US companies as a whole? Is that so bad? Just food for thought…

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